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July 15, 2007

New Excalibur Handheld Announced

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The world of chess computers has been turned on it’s head. This picture of the forthcoming new handheld chess computer directly from Excalibur Electronics in July 07. When Excalibur brought out the most recent talking touch handheld chess computer prior to Jun 07 (originally released mid 2006) the chess retail community was delighted, then saw the obvious flaw – why had Excalibur not seen this? It had no backlight.. it could be argued that it wasn’t a flaw at all – just slightly sub-optimal and still taking the market for handheld chess computers easily. The competiton? The Novag Star Ruby and the Saitek Maestro. These were good – but the Excalibur Talking Touch chess computer saw them off by better strength and critically, better graphics. Occasional customers returned the units saying that the graphics were good but couldn’t be seen in less than optimal lighting. In an unusual move for prima donna chess computer manufactuers, they actually appear to have listened to chess retailers and have withdrawn the product ready for Mk ll with two huge improvements: a backlight and the utilisation of their cache with the New York Times name – and Lo! Let there be an NY22! But Excalibur – pleeeeeeease make sure there are adequate provisions for Christmas 2007.
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