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October 2, 2012

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Novag Citrine Senator

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Citrine Senator
The Novag Senator is an improved Citrine by virtue of it’s enhanced pieces which are from the luxury range of ChessBaron and have been re-engineered to work with the Citrine. They give the Citrine an improved performance through the superb feel of the pieces rather than the poor quality of the standard Novag supplied pieces.
ChessBaron have said that a number of people have enquired as to whether the Novag warranty applies with the use of the better pieces. They answer that the magnet in the base is exactly the same as the standard pieces. They don’t have any better magnetism, they are just far superior pieces and result in a much better game. So far, after several hundred sales, no problems have been seen at all with the machines, and the warranty is borne by the retailer anyway.
Here they are:

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